“An Advertising Machine That Will Reach Everyone—Everywhere!”

Cynthia B. Meyers

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When Big Business Was in Show Business: US Radio Before Television

Cynthia B. Meyers

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Cynthia B. Meyers

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Media History and Advertising Archives

Cynthia B. Meyers

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Inside a Broadcasting Blacklist: Kraft Television Theatre, 1951-55

Cynthia B. Meyers

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The March of Time Radio Docudrama: Time Magazine, BBDO, and Radio Sponsors, 1931-39

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The Best Thing on TV: 1960s US Television Commercials

Cynthia B. Meyers

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When Worlds Collide: Sharing Historical Advertising Research on Tumblr

Cynthia B. Meyers

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Commerce and Culture: Histories of Radio Sponsorship Yet to Be Written

Cynthia B. Meyers

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Cynthia B. Meyers

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Cynthia B. Meyers

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Psychedelics and the Advertising Man: The 1960s ‘Countercultural Creative’ on Madison Avenue

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Frank and Anne Hummert’s Soap Opera Empire: "Reason-Why" Advertising Strategies in Early Radio Programming

Cynthia B. Meyers

Quarterly Review of Film and Video, vol. 16(2), 1997, pp. 113-132


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