I write and speak  about the advertising industry in the history of radio and television, particularly the role of ad agencies (BBDO, JWT, B&B, Y&R, McCann, et al) and the development of "branded content"--from comedians selling Jell-O on 1930s radio to live dramas sponsored by Kraft cheese on 1950s TV to influencers pitching vitamins on social media.
Topics include blacklisting, the Creative Revolution, LSD and creativity, news dramatization, anthology dramas, soap operas, family vloggers,  old time radio, sponsorship, influencers, tv commercials,  Kodak, Kraft, Wrigley, Time, DuPont, General Motors, General Electric, Armstrong, US Steel, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Tumblr, AT&T, streaming, Kardashians, Ozzie Nelson,  branded entertainment,  TV history, radio history, advertising history.

I post old ads at wordfromoursponsor on Tumblr.

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