Talks on Video

"American Advertising: Researching Capitalism from the Inside Out: A Hagley History Hangout" at Hagley Museum  & Library (July 2023)

What archive could possibly give you a total view of American business practice in the twentieth century? What industry touched and participated in nearly every other industry? What firm yields insight into a cavalcade of firms in one fell swoop? The answer to all of these questions is the BBD&O advertising agency archive held in the Hagley Museum & Library.  

"Branded Entertainment" talk at BBDO, 2013:

While I was the Advertising Education Foundation's Visiting Professor at BBDO, I gave a talk to ad professionals about the history of branded entertainment

"Sharing Historical Advertising Research on Tumblr" talk at Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2015

In this talk, I describe my experiences posting old 20th century ads, both consumer and trade, on Tumblr, and how the audience response showed they preferred sexist ads  and ads with sexual innuendo

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